Downtown ST Elmo

Double Cola Plant 3350 S. Broad St.  (now Chatten Drug)

Scholze Tannery 3001 St. Elmo Ave  c1959  (now torn down)

The Confederama 3742 Tennessee Ave.  (moved to Lookout Mountain)

Auction at Sam O'Neil's Horse and Pony Supply Co. 3116 St. Elmo Ave.

Incline Drug & Surgical Co. 3914 St. Elmo Ave. c1969 

South Chattanooga Fire Hall   c2008

Albert Pick Motel 3210 S. Broad St. c1959  (now Lookout Mtn. Suites)

Mr. T's Pizza & Ice Cream 3924  Tennessee Ave.  (former Kay's Kastle)

Southern Saddlery 3000 St. Elmo Ave. c1959  (now office space)

ST Elmo Drug 3915 St. Elmo Avenue

American National Bank & Trust Co. W.38th. St. & Tennessee Ave

View of Downtown ST Elmo in 1973

U.S. Pipe and Foundry 2800 Chestnut St. (now torn down)

Hill Red Store later became Red Food Store

Tinker's Esso Station at W. 29th. St. and S. Broad St. (W. 29th. no longer exists)

Mocha Joe's 3914 ST Elmo Avenue  (former Incline Drug  and Surgical Co.)

The 1st  Red Food Store  built at  3515 S. Broad St. c1967 (now torn down)

Andy Trotter Pontiac 3210 S. Broad St. (now the site of Krystal)

Point Hotel was served by Incline #1 (now torn down)

Hamilton National Bank 3502 S. Broad St. c1956 (now an Antique Shop)

Wheland Co. being honored by the War Department  c1917 (now torn down)

Holiday Inn 3210 S. Broad St. c1959  (now Lookout Mtn. Suites)

Koch's Bakery 3305 S. Broad St.  (now torn down, and moved to 19th and S. Broad)

Collective Clothing  3933   ST Elmo Avenue

Mt. Vernon Restuarant  S. Broad St. 1969

Blacksmith's Bistro and Bar 3914 ST. Elmo Ave. {former Incline Drug and Surgical Co.}

Chattanooga Coffee Co. 2627 S. Broad St.

Body Wisdom 3915 ST Elmo Ave. ( former Incline Drug and Surgical Co.)

Ol South Restaurant was located where Rite-Aid Pharmacy is presently located