ST Elmo Schools

     The first ST Elmo Elementary School was built sometime around 1890 and was located at W38th across from Chattanooga Medicine Company. As ST Elmo and Kirkland grew the need for another school grew also. Col. A.M. Johnson donated land at W47 and Alabama Avenue where several wooden buildings were built to serve as an additional school.  In 1903 Col. Johnson left property where a new school could be built at W47th. In 1906 the new red brick three story school was built behind the old wooden buildings. The school became ST Elmo Grammer School and the old school at W38th St became a colored school.

     The 17th district high school located at W37th and Tennessee Avenue became known as Louie B. Sanderson and was a white only school.  In the 1934-35 school year Kirkman Vocational School was built and the high school students from ST Elmo were zoned for Kirkman, the old colored school on W38th St. was closed and Sanderson School became Calvin Donaldson Elementary School where it remained until the 1967-68 school year when a new school was built in Alton Park.


Louie B. Sanderson High School W37th and Tennessee  Ave.

Principle and ST Elmo resident Mrs. Louie B. Sanderson  {Sanderson High School was named in her honor}

Mrs. Louis B Sanderson  attending  Prof. Bartley's class of 1893 45th reunion   

The old wooden ST Elmo School W47th and Alabama Avenue                                      

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Millsaps Day

South ST Elmo Grammer School W47th and Alabama Avenue  built 1906                                                                                   

Courtesy of CHCBL 

South ST Elmo Grammer School 1915-16                                                               

Annie Laura Millsaps 3rd row 3rd from left

Henry Lowery 4th row 8th from left

Princple C.F. Lowery  Teacher Miss Ada Lee

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Millsaps Day

South ST Elmo Grammer School Faculty 1914-1915                                                

Row 1 Misses Ogle, Bennett, Morris, Krichbaum and Burke

Row 2 Princple C.F. Lowery, Misses Dean, Franklin, Lea and Mrs. Hickerson

Row 3 Misses Sisson, Carlyon and Mrs. Williams

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Millsaps Day

 South ST Elmo Grammer School 8th grade class of 1915                                        

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Millsaps Day

Herbert Walker Kaiser served as principle of ST Elmo Elementary for over 30 years

ST Elmo Elementary School 1st grade class of 1952                                                  

Row 1 James Shirley, Jimmy Dye, Jackie Haddock, Jack Blaylock, Sara Brandon, Diane Morgan, Helen Moore and Trudy Gwin

Row 2 Joe Combs, Robert Clark, Gary Cooper, Utah Johnson, Danny Covey, Billy Johnson, Sharon Skipper, Charlotte Pope

and Janice Poe

Row 3 Gordon Williams, Lloyd Blackburn, Judy Brown, Phil Hydon, Lynda Orrell, Nancy Bradford and Harold Tarpley

Teacher Miss Clara Mae Marshall

Photo Courtesy of Sharon Skipper Allen

 ST Elmo Elementary School 1st grade class of 1957-1958                                                 

Photo Courtesy of Rodney Pierce

ST Elmo Elementary School 2nd grade class of 1958-1959                                                

Photo Courtesy of Rodney Pierce

 ST Elmo Elementary School 3rd grade class of 1959-1960                                                

Photo Courtesy of Rodney Pierce

 ST Elmo Elementary School 4th grade class of 1960-1961                                                

Photo Courtesy of Rodney Pierce

ST Elmo Elementary School Administration 1970-71

seated- Jerri Rutledge, Joyce Key, Claudette Singleton, Nelle Beswick, Herbert Kaiser, Anita Maxwell, Lula Jackson,

Judy Ferris, Fredia Woodfin, Mary Brown, Brenda Buntin and Alice Hankins

standing- Mary Aleta Wooten, Julia Pettyjohn, Robert Richardson, Mtrs. Bice, Miss May, Mrs. Hicks and Linda Coleman

Courtesy of ST Elmo Courts

ST Elmo Elementary School class of 1970-71

Mike Sheffield, Ricky Horn, Wayne Mize, David Corn, Johanna Kosik, Karen O'Brien, Gary Ellis, Gail Fowler, Roni Doss

Kim Lewis, Debbie Gentry, Marty Medley, Kenny Simmons, Michelle Bishop, Anita Morton, Donna Dickson, Terry Bookout

Vicki Holland, Bill Marcus, Larry West, Cindy Bryant, Mary Ellen Jones, Ross Jones, Brenda Truss, Ineatha Collier, Irene Cooper,

Veronica Upshaw, Sabrina Shelton and Teacher-Mary Aleta Wooten

Courtesy of St. Elmo Courts

The first ST Elmo School was located at W38th and Church St.     built around 1890                                                                      

Photo Courtesy of CHCBL

Lookout Junior High School  W40th St.                                                                 

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Millsaps Day

Lookout Junior High School "Campus Daze" Operetta cast members May 12, 1940

Front L-R Gene Schimpf, Beverly Bass, Sam Noble, Nancy Hill, Buddy Adams

Middle L-R Walter Scott, Dorothy Butcher, Martha Whitehead, Buddy Green

Back Wilson McCoy

6th grade class of Calvin Donaldson 1951   (former Sanderson High School)                                    

Photo Courtesy of CHCBL